Rebellion Studios

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Kylie ‘Homecoming’ Tour.

Using images taken and brought to life from the Tour book, these visuals designed for Blink TV were designed to reflect the magic, energy and high production values of Kylie’s Homecoming concerts.

Under the Skin of…

Title sequence and program package created for the Channel 4 show where stars from the world of music are probed on personal questions in order to get ‘Under the skin’.

The design is based around a celebrity scrap book of mementos, photos and collected stories, mashed up with the Rebellion Studio pizzazz!


Music composition and sound design by Shriek.

The Directors Series – The work of Mark Romanek.

We went through each music video with a fine tooth comb in choosing the right shots for Mark Romanek’s DVD menus, picking out details and blowing them up, Slowing the pace and adding slight treatments to each image to create an epic feel.

The amazing sound design is by Brian Emrich out of New York City.


Nominated for a CAD design award.

The Bubble Promo.


This promo, designed and animated for BBC2 is for David Mitchell’s latest show The Bubble. Taking ‘inspiration’ from the news media – from the red top rag, through to the internet and celebrity gossip mag.


Bonkers promo for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

BBC Spending Review

The statistics in this promo for a series of BBC 1 debates, about the effects of the Government cuts, will scare the pants off you! In fact, it scared everyone so much, it went all the way to the Government spin doctors who refused to let it go to air! Democracy, eh?!

UKTV Network Rebrand

Designed and directed for Red Bee Media’s major, award-winning UKTV Network re-brand


The music was composed and produced by Brains and Hunch